Settings Tab

The Settings Tab is where you pick your Mish Buddy settings.

settings tab

Options section:

Mission Type Sliders section - lets you set your preferred default for your mission sliders so that Mish Buddy can auto set them for you when you open the mission terminal dialog box. In the Plus version you can also choose different presets for certain mission types and mobs encountered.

Align - In order for Mish Buddy to pull missions for you the mission dialog box must be placed in the upper left corner of your Anarchy Online screen, to help with this you can use the alignment tool on the Settings tab of Mish Buddy. Once turned on, place the Anarchy Online mission terminal window into this alignment overlay. You only need to do this once, since Anarchy will remenber it's position for next time once you close it.

Profiles - also in the Plus version you can add profies for each of your toons and also associate a particular profile with the currently loaded toon in Anarchy, when you do this the associated profile will automatically load when you choose to load that toon in Anarchy.