Enter search item manually X X X
Search for mission rewards X X X
Search by mission types X X X
Search by mission locations X X X
Auto-set mission sliders X X X
Display the mission location, type and reward items X X X
Auto pull missions X X X
Full screen mode/windowed mode X X X
Displays missions in the same layout as the mission terminal   X X
Auto set mission level based on level of your character   X X
Roll up feature to give you more viewing area while not in use   X X
List of Nano’s sorted by profession from level 1- 60   X X
Complete list of mission locations to choose from   X X
Complete list of Nano’s sorted by profession     X
Armor Picker     X
Weapon Picker     X
Misc./Buff item picker     X
8 Themes to choose from     X
Profiles – unique profiles to keep your settings by charcter     X
Mission slider presets – to pull the type of mission you want     X
Level calc for teaming and PvP     X
CS : Click Saver MB : Mish Buddy MB+ : Mish Buddy Plus
Features CS MB MB+

MishBuddy has a host of features designed to make it as easy as possible to pull just the mission you need. Below is a list of highlights:

  • MishBuddy contains a complete list of nano crystals by profession and quality level (up ql 60 for unregistered version). This means no typos! It also tells you whether the nano is shop buyable, rollable or dyna loot only.

  • The Mish level gauge lets you know what level missions you can pull at your character level and accurately sets the mission difficulty slider for you. No more guess work!

  • Custom enter any item you wish to search for. Type the item name, or a portion of the item name in the custom entry field.

  • Filter missions by playfield (location) or type (look for, return item, etc).

  • Set mission type sliders automatically. If you always like your sliders set the same way (Good/Bad, Order/Chaos, Money/XP, etc.) just set it once and apply it to your mission terminal every time you pull a new mission!
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